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Approved Supervisor Course

commensurate with LPC Board requirements for those seeking qualification as Board-Approved LMFT Supervisors.  Institute faculty members are dually licensed with years of experience as clinicians, supervisors, and as members of the LPC Board of Examiners.  

RRI 2017 Approved Supervisor Course          

June 16 & 17        July 14 & 15 

MODULE 1              Friday, June 16                                        9:00 am--6:30 PM   

This module provides an orientation to the Supervision Training Course along with a review of current legal parameters, role responsibilities, and protocols related to the client-supervisee-supervisor system in Louisiana. 


MODULE 2             Saturday, June 17                     9:00 am--6:30 pm 


This module provides an opportunity for participants to become conscious of their personal narratives as healers and mentors and to identify the life influences that have and continue to shape their development as therapists and aspiring supervisors.  Using a deep understanding of their personal narratives as a foundation, participants will conceptualize an ethical meta-framework to guide them in their interaction with their supervisees. 



Handout:  Module 2.1

Developing a Spritual Framework--

Tracing the Personal Narrative of the Healer/Mentor


Participants will explore a meta-path for conceptualizing problem formation and resolution in human systems and applying those concepts efficiently and effectively through competent clinical practice.  Participants will explore and articulate their own theoretical orientation, name the elements in their core skill sets, and identify a path for teaching and mentoring clinical skill.


MODULE 3             Saturday, July 8                       9:00 am--6:30 pm 


Handout:  Module 4.1

Developing a Framework for Effective Practice- ll

Problem Formation & Resolution in Family Systems 


This module is designed specifically for those seeking qualification as Approved LMFT Supervisors and is not required for Approved LPC Supervisors.  This module will focus on problem formation and resolution social systems and the unique ethical challenges inherent in working with couples and families.


MODULE 4             Saturday, July 9                       9:00 am--3:00 pm 


This intensive program of study provides thirty (30) clock hours of training in supervision for LMFT Registered Supervisor Candidates with an optional twenty-five (25) hour track for participants seeking board approval as LPC Supervisors. The twenty-five hour track meets the minimum requirement established by the Louisiana LPC Board of Examiners for those applying for qualification as a Board Approved LPC Supervisor.  The thirty-hour track provides an integrated 15 hours of didactic instruction and 15 hours of interactive experience 

Below you will find copies of the Course Syllabus and a detailed Module Schedule

along with an abstract of each module, downloadable and printable handouts, and a list of 

required readings.

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