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Supervision & Training

Selecting An Approved Supervisor

The State-Approved Supervision process for licensure may even be more important to the beginning clinician's professional development than his or her graduate training.  The wise licensing applicant selects an Approved Supervisor that is fully equipped to help him or her reach their specific professional goals.


Our Approved Supervisors are all private practitioners who not only bring years of clinical experience in a variety of specialties to the supervisory process but are also highly knowledgable about current state rules and regulations that govern the practice of Provisional Licenees (PLMFTs and PLPCs). 


To find out more about registering as a Provisional Licensee, visit the LPC Board of Examiner's website at  To find an Approved Supervisor that is right for you, visit the "Meet Our Team" page of this website.  Our Approved Supervisors are designated by the  blue ribbon!

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