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There was a day when mental health professionals did not involve themselves with politics.  However, as the mental health profession entered the mainstream of modern society and with the advent of licensure in all fifty states, mental health professionals have had to become politically active to advocate not only for themselves as professionals but also for those that consume their services. 


The Red River Institute works politically with state legislative and regulatory bodies, professional organizations, and consumer groups to create an optimally beneficial culture for nonmedical mental health professionals, the consumers of their services, and the general public.



In January of 2017,  the Red River Associates convened in their annual retreat.  The result was the RRI 2017 Public Policy Agenda which will guide the Institute's politcal action in the 2017 legislative session.  Click on the document icon to reveiw RRI's Policy Agenda.

To create a healthy culture for mental health professionals and the consumers of their services, mental health advocates, regulators, and policy-makers must identify common goals. How? Click on the document icon to review RRI's political philosophy.

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