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Pharmaceutical companies have recently paid out the largest legal settlements in U.S. history for illegally marketing antipsychotic drugs. But the worst costs of the drugs are being borne by the most vulnerable patients: children and teens in psychiatric hospitals, foster care and juvenile prisons, as well as elderly people in nursing homes . . .             Article       Time Magazine


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Comment on this article:  What can mental health professionals do to stifle the abuses of the pharmacuetical companies?

Other Articles of Interest

"Making A Killing-The Untold Story  

of Psychotropic Drugging"

Is the "chemical imbalance" hypothesis a myth?    This docmentary not only exposes the unethical and illegal marketing practices of the pharmaceutical industry, but also reveals how the psychiatric community has sold out to drug companies for profit and prestige.  A must-see for all mental health professionals!



While some day we may accumulate the knowledge to demonstrate the particulars of the "chemical hypothesis,"no chemical imbalance has been unequivocally demonstrated for any mental disorder. We are offered interesting conjectures, educated guesses that are forever shifting as the latest data are accumulated . . .

Article       Psychiatric Times

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