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a sincere thanks to our

Conference Partners!

For the past decade, The Red River Institute has been proud to offer mental health professionals of North Louisiana the very best in continuing education programming.  We are sincerely grateful to this year's Conference Partners for assisting us in this endeavor!

2018 Spring Conference Partners

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center has been helping people recover from addiction for more than 20 years. Their team of caring professionals shares over 250 years of experience in breaking the cycle of addictive disease.  Their facilities and staff provide an environment that encourages a return to basic living skills, development of non-addictive coping skills, recognition of character defects,

the development of a less self-centered way of living, 



 and a spiritual approach to life.   .  .  . Learn more!



New Beginning Adolescent Recovery Center

New Beginnings helps teenagers discontinue the harmful and potentially life threatening behavior associated with substance abuse.  Their program is designed to motivate teens 

to embrace a responsible lifestyle, providing peace of mind for the entire family.      

Their award winning residential program is comprised of a dedicated and talented team of professionals committed to providing a unique, transformative and lasting treatment experience.      .  .  .  Learn more!      



The Last Resort Recovery Center

The Last Resort is a 60 or 90-day 12-step men’s rehab immersion program for those who are motivated and committed to a new life in sobriety. Although this program will meet the needs of many individuals that have never been to treatment, it can be designed especially for the chronic relapser who may have been to treatment multiple times.     

Their clients have the chance to begin healing through a variety of therapy options that provide them with the tools they need for long-term recovery.     .  .  . Learn more!     

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