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"The Drugging Of Our Children"

A gripping documentary, a provocative forum, and intense dialogue . . .

Over eight million children in America are currently being given mood-altering medication, mostly for the treatment of ADD or ADHD.  While the debate rages over the potential health risks to children associated with Ritalin and other drugs,  doctors continue to "diagnosis and treat" childhood Attention Deficit Disorder at an alarming rate.  

On August 27, LPCs, LMFTs, and provisional licensees gathered for the second annual RRI Summer Symposium to view the revealing documentary film "The Drugging of Our Children," interact with a distinguished panel of mental heatlh professionals, and discuss ethical and clinical issues related to working with parents and children being treated for ADD.      

Our panel--Dr. Jean Hollenshead, Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Katherine Wilson, Psychiatric Nurse and Family Therapist, and Dr. Barzana White, School Psychologist--provided expert and insightful perspective on the ADD/ADHD epidemic and challenged participants to advocate for the right of parents to make informed decisions regarding their childrens' heatlh.     

Sainte Terre provided a casual, relaxed setting for Symposium participants who enjoyed a baked potato bar and salad buffet for lunch while earning six (6) CEHs in diagnosis.     

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