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Workshops, Seminars, & Symposia

The Red River Institute hosts workshops and seminars throughout the year that are approved for Continuing Education for LPCs, LMFTs, Povisional Licensees, and other mental health professionals.   


Our workshops and seminars are designed to meet State Licensing Board standards for content and quality.  As important, our workshops and seminars are designed to provide an integrated learning experience for attendees that positively impacts their clinical practice.


Our yearly symposia are designed to provide an intensive, integrated set of presentations and forums in a setting that allows praticipants to get up close with our presenters in an intimate, retreat-like setting.  



RRI 2018 Spring Conference

May 4th & 5th     11 CEHs     Members: $215   


A Path To Wholeness: 

The Therapy of Virginia Satir 

Jean McLendon, LCSW, LMFT, & Dr. Johnny Faulkner of the Virgina Satir Global Network present the experiential therapy of Virginia Satir. Hosted at the Sainte Terre Event Center,

the program provides 11 (eleven) CEHs for LMFTs, LPCs, LCSWs and Provisional Licensees including required hours in diagnosis & ethics!     


RRI 2018 Approved Supervisor Course

June 15 & 16- July 13 & 14  


2018 RRI Supervisor Course 

Held on two weekends in June and July, RRI staff supervisors present dual tracks for LMFT Registered Supervisor Candidates and LPCs seeking qualification as Board Approved LPC Supervisors. Both tracks meet all standards

established by the Louisiana LPC Board. Only need the Supervisor Refresher? See below!  



RRI 2018 Supervisor Refresher

June 15      3 CEHs     Members: $65   

2018 Supervisor Refresher

The Supervisor Refresher is a continuing education offering designed to fulfill the LPC Board of Examiners renewal requirement for LMFT and LPC Approved Supervisors. Participants will review current law and rules that apply to Approved Supervisors and their

supervisees with emphasis on recent changes.


RRI 2018 Summer Symposium

August 25th      6 CEHs     Members: $99   


2018 Summer Symposium

End your summer with some provacative dialogue, great fare, and an opportunity to network with your colleagues from around the state!  The Symposium always provides an 

interesting twist on traditional CE events while providing informative presentations on contemporary clinical topics.  

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